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ErgonoptiX Comfort - Sealed Galilean Loupes - 2.5x Magnification

Binocular Flip-Up Dental Loupes & Surgical Loupes

* Fashionable New "Sliver" Look. Easier to clean & sterilise

* Light weight, Galilean type binocular loupes.

* Maximum ease of use, combined with multi-functional capabilities.

* Available in a variety of working distances for your maximum comfort.

* Future inhancments will include a fully water proof model


Designed for optimal ergonomic comfort, ErgonoptiX Comfort Loupes provide an extra wide field of view, combined with an extra deep focus range.

Technical Features:

Model Power Working Distance Field of View Depth of Field Weight
ECSG250S 2.5x 340mm / 13,4 in 90mm / 3,5 in 80mm / 3,1 in 48gr / 1.55 ounce
ECSG250R 2.5x 420mm / 16.5 in 100mm / 3,9 in 90mm / 3,5 in 48gr / 1.55 ounce
ECSG250L 2.5x 500mm / 19,7 in 110mm / 4,3 in 110mm / 4,3 in 48gr / 1.55 ounce
ECSG250XL 2.5x 550mm / 21,7 in 125mm / 4,9 in 120mm / 4,7 in 48gr / 1.55 ounce
All Models Adjustable viewing angle: 0 - 45
All Models Adjustable pupil distance: 46mm/1.6" - 70mm/2.8"

ErgonoptiX Comfort: Multi functional precision loupes

* Multi-coated precision lenses for superb clarity and reduced reflection.

* Ultra light-weight body and frame for maximum comfort.

* Fully adjustable viewing angle, pupil distance and flip-up function.


Choice of frames (included in standard package):

Light weight metal frame

Size: Small, Medium, Large
Light weight metal frame

Size: Medium

Easy and simple
Safety Frame - Basic

Adjustable in size

Standard Loupe package includes:

- Black Carrying Case
- Light-Weight Frame
- Side Shields
- Flip-Up handle
- Head Band
- Micro-fiber Cloth
- Screwdriver
- Calibration Target & User guide

ergonoptix loupes standard accessories

Available Options (additional):

Trendy Frames
Flexible Frames
One size
Titanium frames
Size: Medium
Clear Lens Covers
Aluminium Case

Head Band
Includeing large Aluminium Case
* LED Head-Light
* Rechargable Power Pack

Which model loupe do I need ?

It is important to choose the right loupe to fit your specific needs!

The right choice of loupe could improve your general working attitude and in the long term, your health. But a wrong choice of loupe would inevitably cause a wrong working attitude and an unnecessary strain on your eyes and body.

If you don't know what loupes you need, and you find yourself asking "Which model loupe do I need ?" take a look at our loupe guide!

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