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ErgonoptiX Comfort - Galilean Loupes - 2.5x Magnification

Binocular Flip-Up Dental Loupes & Surgical Loupes

* Light weight, Galilean type binocular loupes.

* Maximum ease of use, combined with multi-functional capabilities.

* Available in a variety of working distances for your maximum comfort.


Designed for optimal ergonomic comfort, ErgonoptiX Comfort Loupes provide an extra wide field of view, combined with an extra deep focus range.

Technical Features:

Model Power Working Distance Field of View Depth of Field Weight
ECG250S 2.5x 340mm / 13,4 in 90mm / 3,5 in 80mm / 3,1 in 42gr / 1.35 ounce
ECG250R 2.5x 420mm / 16.5 in 100mm / 3,9 in 90mm / 3,5 in 42gr / 1.35 ounce
ECG250L 2.5x 500mm / 19,7 in 110mm / 4,3 in 110mm / 4,3 in 42gr / 1.35 ounce
ECG250XL 2.5x 550mm / 21,7 in 125mm / 4,9 in 120mm / 4,7 in 42gr / 1.35 ounce
All Models Adjustable viewing angle: 0 - 45
All Models Adjustable pupil distance: 46mm/1.6" - 70mm/2.8"

ErgonoptiX Comfort: Multi functional precision loupes

* Multi-coated precision lenses for superb clarity and reduced reflection.

* Ultra light-weight body and frame for maximum comfort.

* Fully adjustable viewing angle, pupil distance and flip-up function.


Choice of frames (included in standard package):

Light weight metal frame

Size: Small, Medium, Large
Light weight metal frame

Size: Medium

Easy and simple
Safety Frame - Basic

Adjustable in size

Standard Loupe package includes:

- Black Carrying Case
- Light-Weight Frame
- Side Shields
- Flip-Up handle
- Head Band
- Micro-fiber Cloth
- Screwdriver
- Calibration Target & User guide

ergonoptix loupes standard accessories

Available Options (additional):

Trendy Frames
Flexible Frames
One size
Titanium frames
Size: Medium
Clear Lens Covers
Aluminium Case

Head Band
Includeing large Aluminium Case
* LED Head-Light
* Rechargable Power Pack

Which model loupe do I need ?

It is important to choose the right loupe to fit your specific needs!

The right choice of loupe could improve your general working attitude and in the long term, your health. But a wrong choice of loupe would inevitably cause a wrong working attitude and an unnecessary strain on your eyes and body.

If you don't know what loupes you need, and you find yourself asking "Which model loupe do I need ?" take a look at our loupe guide!

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