Comfort Galilean
Binocular Loupes
Magnification 2.5x, 3.0x and 3.5x...

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Comfort Prism
Binocular Loupes
Magnification 4.0x, 5.0x and 6.0x...

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Comfort Head-Lights
Surgical Head Lamps
Medical, Dental & Surgical Head Lights

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Loupes Accessories
Available for separate ordering....

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New products, available soon...

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Comfort - Medical Loupes

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ErgonoptiX Comfort Loupes 2009 Special Offers     ErgonoptiX Comfort Head-LED 3 2009 Special Offers

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ErgonoptiX Surgical and Dental Loupes Catalogue 2009     

Binocular Flip-Up Dental Loupes & Surgical Loupes

ErgonoptiX Comfort - Dental Loupes & Surgical Loupes are designed for optimal ergonomic comfort, and provide an extra wide field of view, combined with an extra deep focus range.

Using multi-coated precision lenses for superb clarity and reduced reflection, Ultra light-weight body and frame for maximum comfort, Fully adjustable viewing angle, pupil distance and flip-up function. ErgonoptiX Comfort Loupes give you the ultimate flexibility, as a multi functional loupe.

Dental Loupes & Surgical Loupes

ErgonoptiX Comfort Loupes are available in a large range of magnification and working distance, with two lens systems.
Comfort Galilean Loupes: Magnification 2.5x, 3.0x and 3.5x
Comfort Prism Loupes: Magnification 4.0x, 5.0x and 6.0x

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Dental & Surgical Head-Lights

ErgonoptiX Comfort Head-Lights

High Power LED technology with a Long Life power supply
Portable Medical Head-Lamps

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ErgonoptiX Comfort - Accessories for dental loupes and surgical loupes

Accessories for ErgonoptiX Comfort loupes

In this section you will find all the accessories for ErgonoptiX Comfort Loupes, that are included in the Dental Loupes or Surgical Loupes package, and / or are available for separate ordering.

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Ordering Loupes On-Line

You have 3 different ways to order online:

1. Simply e-mail us your order. 2. Place an order using our Paypal shopping cart. 3. For more payment options, and a larger selection of products, place your order through our distributors on-line shop...

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